Inside/Out, Jiu Jitsu edition!

I was delighted when my friend Alison Beckner asked me to speak about Jiu Jitsu on her site Inside/Out. I have a passion for martial arts, and she has a passion for all soul-seekers, whether they be physically challenging themselves or on a quest for spiritual wellbeing. When I discovered Thai Boxing and, a few years later, Jiu Jitsu, I felt my world shift around me. I had a different spacial awareness of my body and a greater understanding of my own power to interact with others without using unnecessary force. 

An interview with Jiu Jitsu specialist John Danaher was published recently in The New Yorker that explains the basic tenants of Jiu Jitsu, a physical sport which is like a language of its own, an expression of the body as a tool of communication.