Eytys x Tom of Finland Foundation

For the launch of the Eytys x Tom of Finland Foundation we created a story with photographer Bruce LaBruce and a virtual store front with the artist Sylvia Prada

Eytys Tom of Finland Foundation Bruce LaBruce

From I-D: Tom of Finland teams up with Eytys to create a very kinky new boot

An excerpt from the interview with Bruce LaBruce: 

Both [Tom of Finland and Bruce LaBruce] have also been misunderstood, censored, and outright banned, but also fêted and celebrated too. Tom of Finland has long been an influence on Bruce’s work. “I’ve always made films containing explicit homosexual sex as a way of being unapologetic and in-your-face about being queer, a kind of sexual militancy borne out of the early years of the gay liberation movement,” he explains. “So I’ve always been attracted to the direct and militant depiction of the leather scene and gay life as imagined by Tom of Finland. I’ve also been influenced by his strong aesthetics to portray gay sexuality. For me, style is as important as meaning and content to express this kind of hardcore gay sexuality."

These Colors Don't Run

For the annual Eytys book, I created an editorial concept and curated a trio New York authors to write about how they see their city today.

These Colors Don't Run

From Vogue: Eytys’s New Book Is a Politicized Love Letter to the Diversity of New York City

From an essay included in the book, by Cody Delistraty: 

And yet, New York still affords one the power to be alone, to set oneself adrift in a way that can be done in few other places. The American obsession with the individual, with the self-made experience comes to a head in New York, and, with it, all of the utter possibility inherent in a place as large and varied and chalked full of opportunities.

In “Automat,” the bright lights, the unremarkable furniture, the dullness of the space might have been a relief to the young woman with her coffee. Perhaps here she was able to more easily give into her sadness, to reckon with her feelings. She does not seem to feel entirely at home in this painting, just as none of Hopper’s lonely characters are ever at that kind of ease. No, they are in motel rooms and diners and service stations. But here, in the automat, the picture is not sad. It is a picture that invites us to emphasize, that is made powerful by the potency of its melancholy. Possibility lies in front of her. And, just as much as we might miss the New York of old, there is no reason to be particularly sad for it. The potential of the space remains.

Les Absents by Maxime Ballesteros

I was delighted to write the introduction to Maxime's new book Les Absents, published by Sang Bleu. 

Les Absents Maxime Ballesteros

... The specificity of Maxime's connection, however, is that his subject may be, for example, a pair of heels, the bearer of whom being most often completely unaware of the intimate connection happening in her (or his) southern hemisphere. It's a sort of futuristic virtual reality, where objects and places express their feelings and emotions through Maxime's lens..." 

Les Absents Maxime Ballesteros

Inside/Out, Jiu Jitsu edition!

Inside/Out, Jiu Jitsu edition!

I am lucky to have trained with cool people all over the world. In jiu jitsu, for example, there is so much physical contact and trust involved, that you feel connected in a way to anyone you roll with! But, I didn’t start my sports trying to make friends, that has been a very positive by-product.

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